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About Cannabis-UK.com

Welcome to Cannabis-UK.com a website designed to cut through the chaff and source the very best Marijuana and Cannabis seeds available online. With many years experience within the Cannabis industry, and as people who have enjoyed some of the finest Cannabis available from around the world, With the help of our team we decided to build and dedicate a website to helping others achieve the dream of growing their own, high quality Cannabis.

After contacting several seed banks and promoters we were faced with two commonly occurring problems; Firstly, many distributors wouldn’t guarantee delivery. Secondly, due to legal concerns, almost all sold their Cannabis seeds as ‘souvenirs’ and stated as such on their packaging, therefore germination couldn’t be assured either.

After many discussions and product testing, we discovered a company with a fantastic collection of high quality seeds, would guarantee delivery and germination, and offered all the help and support a grower could need to produce a successful harvest.

We had found a company that believed in the same values as ourselves, who put the customer first and profit second, with the aim of distributing the finest genetics and correct growing information to the public.

Our choice proved correct, with I Love Growing Marijuana becoming one of the biggest Cannabis seed distributors world-wide, gaining a reputation for the finest genetics, guaranteed delivery and germination, as well as the best customer support possible.

We have reviewed each of their products, focusing on the plants main attributes and characteristics from both a growing and smoking point of view. We hope you find these write-up’s useful in your search for the best Cannabis seeds for your needs and feel free to browse our blog for help and information on growing Cannabis and Marijuana.

Keep it green,

Eden and Ron

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