Afghan Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Afghan Cannabis Seeds?

With its pure Indica genetics, these Afghan seeds have become popular all around the world, as well as being used as the foundation for many other Cannabis hybrids, including White Widow and Kush strains.

Comprising of pure Indica genetics, Afghan seeds produce strong, squat plants that are perfect for indoor growing, performing best when grown in a Sea-of-Green (SOG) set-up. This requires around nine plants per square meter, grown until their leaves touch, forming a canopy of green, approximately two weeks. Then, immediately induce flowering, the result will be a solid, dense canopy of buds, with the maximum yield possible, in the shortest length of time.

Flowering stretch is limited, with fully mature plants reaching an average height of approximately 60 cm, with large, rounded, dark green leaves and large, swollen buds. The aroma can be quite strong, with an earthy-pine smell and flavour. Yields are good, and of the highest quality, with the dried buds weighing approximately 400 grams per square meter, given good growing conditions.

These Afghan seeds are feminised Cannabis seeds, producing female-only plants. Male plants produce pollen to fertilize the female buds, creating seeds. As these seeds are totally stable, producing the finest quality pure Indica plants with very little variation between them. This uniformity makes them an ideal indoor strain to grow.

With it’s hardy nature, Afghan seeds are considered easy to grow, a great choice for beginner and novice growers. Their robust nature is forgiving of many nutrient errors, while still provide a good harvest, experienced growers can achieve heavy harvests of the highest quality very easily in a flowering period of between 9-10 weeks.

Afghan Flavour

Afghan Flavour

Afghan is a favourite strain for all Indica lovers with it’s strong, earthy-pine flavour and aroma. The buds are large, dense and heavy with a light green colouring and red/orange hairs, totally covered in a thick layer of resin, well known for its hash making properties.

Afghan Effects

Afghan Effects

THC levels are high, around 20% and with increased CBD levels, Afghan Cannabis produces a strong, powerful ‘body-stone’, that can be euphoric, relaxing and sedative in effect. A great night time smoke, which can help alleviate aches and pains, as well as aid sleep, reducing stress and the symptoms of insomnia.

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Afghan Seeds
Afghan Strain

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Afghan Strain Summary

Afghan Cannabis is a very strong, pure Indica strain that originated in the Afghan mountains and has been cultivated for many years for it's heavy resin content.

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