AK 47 Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy AK 47 Cannabis Seeds?

First created in 1992, AK 47 has won countless Cannabis Cups, awards and expo’s all around the world, and has formed the foundations for many varieties and subsequent strains.

The blend of Sativa/Indica genetics produces a robust, strong plant with a thick stem, and close branching structure, perfect for indoor Cannabis growers. Once germinated, the seedlings will quickly become established, developing a strong root structure that enjoys both soil and hydroponic growing methods.

Although AK 47 is a Sativa dominant plant, (65% Sativa – 35% Indica) it doesn’t stretch a great deal during flowering, making it a perfect strain for both Screen-of-Green (SCROG) and Sea-of-Green (SOG) growing methods, where it can produce an average of 500 grams per square meter, given good environment conditions such as fresh, air, light and the correct nutrients.

With limit vegetative growth, such as Sea-of-Green technique, AK 47 seeds produce plants with a mature height between 50 – 80 cm. The buds are dense and hard, with an earthy, floral aroma that can become quite strong and pungent as maturity approaches.

These AK 47 seeds are all feminised, producing female-only plants, guaranteeing every seed you purchase will germinate, producing a stable, uniform plant. Feminised Cannabis seeds are the best way to ensure seed-free buds, and grow plants of equal size, displaying the traits and characteristics you expect from that strain.

AK 47 is considered an easy Cannabis strain to grow, forgiving and tolerant of many mistakes, making it an ideal choice for new and experienced growers alike. Grown indoors under a standard 12/12 light/dark regime, the plant will require approximately 64 days, 8 weeks, to completely flower and mature, producing large, light-green buds, swollen colas, and a low leaf to bud ratio, making harvesting and manicuring easier.

AK 47 Flavour

AK 47 Flavour

Once harvested, dried and cured, the buds have an earthy-skunk, pine aroma, are dense and colorful, covered in resin and have a good-looking ‘bag-appeal’. The smoke is thick, and rich with a strong, pungent aroma and skunk flavour.

AK 47 Effects

AK 47 Effects

The effects of AK 47 provide a very strong, powerful happy high and creative feeling that when used in moderation can be very uplifting, talkative and sociable, while allowing the gentle Indica undertones to relax the body, relieving stress and tension.

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AK 47 Seeds
AK 47 Strain

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AK 47 Strain Summary

AK 47 is a fast, hard-hitting Cannabis hybrid containing the genetics from three different strains of Sativa, Colombian, Mexican and Thai, together with a potent Afghani Indica.

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