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Why Should I Buy Big Bud Cannabis Seeds?

Big Bud is a heavy yielding, well-known Cannabis strain that was first developed in the USA before being taken to Holland where it was stabilised and feminised, creating the strain we know today. These Indica dominant seeds were created from a Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk and retain many of the common traits and characteristics found in those strains.

Although 60% Indica, Big Bud seeds also contain 40% Sativa genetics, supplied by its hybrid Northern Lights and Skunk parentage. It is the inclusion and blend of these genes which produces the long, fat colas and large swollen buds associated with this Cannabis strain.

Only the female Cannabis plant produces flowers and buds, the male produces pollen to fertilise the female, creating seeds. Feminized Big Bud seeds contain only female genetics, and so therefore, will produce only female plants. All of these Big Bud seeds are feminised, and are sold with the guarantee, they will germinate and grow into the highest quality female-only plants.

Big Bud seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor Cannabis grower, capable of producing large, heavy buds, and high quality yields. Suitable for both soil and hydroponic systems the plants tend to stretch a little at the start of the flowering period, making them a perfect strain for Screen-of-Green growing, this can also help to support the branches, which can have a tendency to snap under the heavy weight of a mature bud.

Big Bud is famous for its heavy yields, with a mature height of between 120-150 cm, achieved easily with limited vegetative time, these plants are capable of producing between 450-550 grams of dried, high quality buds per square metre. Individual plant yields can be substantially more, given a longer vegetative period, and by the use of super-cropping techniques, such as bending, screen-growing and topping.

Full maturity requires approximately eight full weeks, and although not the most forgiving of Cannabis plants, anyone with even a small amount of experience will achieve good yields of high quality buds with this strain.

Big Bud Flavour

Big Bud Flavour

With a Skunk influence, Big Bud was always going to be an aromatic strain, and the complex genetics produce an earthy-pine smell and flavour, quite strong and pungent. The buds are large and swollen, light green, with an orange colouring, and great bag-appeal.

Big Bud Effects

Big Bud Effects

Although Big Bud doesn’t have the highest THC level, approximately 16%, the medium CBD level maximises the effects, producing a strong, powerful blend of numbing ‘body-stone’ and relaxing high, which leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, sleepy and hungry, all at the same time.

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Big Bud Seeds
Big Bud Strain

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Big Bud Strain Summary

Found in many of the popular Amsterdam Coffee-shops, and USA medical marijuana dispensaries, Big Bud can be used to reduce stress and depression, aid sleep and increase appetite, helping insomniacs, people suffering from eating disorders, and a wide range of other ailments, conditions and illnesses.

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