Blue Dream Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds?

Over the last few years Blue Dream Cannabis has become the most popular and sought after Cannabis strain in the USA. Originating in California, this Sativa dominant hybrid has achieved almost legendary status for its intensely fruity aroma and deep flavour. Blue Dream is considered by many smokers to be the best tasting Cannabis available.

The combination of a high quality Blueberry Indica and Haze Sativa, produces a plant that’s easy to grow, requiring only a moderate level of experience, and is perfectly adapted to indoor growing, whether soil or hydroponic based.

All these Blue Dream seeds are feminised, producing female-only plants, guaranteed, and as only the freshest, highest quality Cannabis seeds are dispatched, I Love Growing Marijuana also guarantee full and complete germination of all the seeds you purchase.

With its dominant 80% Sativa influence, Blue Dream grows into a tall plant with plenty of branches and budding sites. The Indica influence helps strengthen the stems and increase the bud density CBD levels and flavour.

Mature heights can range between 120-170 cm tall, although with a reduced vegetative period, and grown using Screen-of-Green (SCROG) techniques, the overall, finished height of the plants can be easily managed and reduced, without affecting quality or yield.

Blue Dream Flavour

Blue Dream Flavour

With a 70 day, ten week flowering period, Blue Dream seeds produce high yields of approximately 600 grams of high quality, highly aromatic, dried buds per square metre. The buds are large and swollen, with an intensely sweet, fruity, berry aroma and red/purple colouring.

Blue Dream Effects

Blue Dream Effects

High THC levels of approximately 21% produces a balanced, full-body relaxing stoned feeling, with a happy, euphoric high. Long-lasting, very sociable and creative, Blue Dream Cannabis is a perfect day-time smoke leaving you feeling energised for the tasks ahead, without the ‘couch-locking’ effects some strains produce.

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Blue Dream Seeds
Blue Dream Strain

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Blue Dream Strain Summary

Blue Dream's Medium CBD levels help to reduce stress and depression, making it a new favourite with many American medical Marijuana smokers, and one of the most sought after Cannabis strains since 2014.

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