Blueberry Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Blueberry Cannabis Seeds?

Blueberry Cannabis seeds contain both Sativa and Indica genetics, and are perfectly suited to indoor growing methods, including soil and hydroponic systems. Large buds, and heavy yields are easily possible, with the plant performing well in either Sea-of-Green (SOG) or Screen-of-Green (SCROG) set-ups.

Mature heights can vary between 50-200 cm tall, depending upon the growing method. Grown in a Sea-of-Green style, with limited, two week vegetative period, Blueberry Cannabis seeds produce plants with a large single cola, close, strong branching and swollen buds. Longer vegetative times will increase the height and overall yield from the plants.

Even with limited growth, Blueberry Cannabis plants can return a healthy harvest of between 500-700 grams of high quality, dried Cannabis buds per square metre, given good growing conditions.

All of these feminised Blueberry seeds will germinate and grow into a perfect female Cannabis plant, with the traits and characteristics associated with the Blueberry strain, guaranteed under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee.

As the light schedule is set to a 12/12 light/dark regime, the plant will stretch slightly, with only 20% Sativa genetics however, the stretch is manageable and limited. Complete maturity requires 65 days, during which time the buds will swell and mature, with the flowers turning a dark purple-blue . This colouring can be enhanced by reducing the temperature in your growing area for the final few days before harvest.

Blueberry Flavour

Blueberry Flavour

Once dried and cured, the buds have a sweet aroma, full of the scent of blueberries, which produces a very fruity flavour when smoked. A favourite night-time strain for many smokers with it’s euphoric high and strong Indica ‘body-stone’

Blueberry Effects

Blueberry Effects

Although not the strongest, Blueberry Cannabis has an average THC content of approximately 16%. The secret to its powerful, relaxing high lies with with increased CBD levels, which are very high, providing a relaxed happy feeling and strong pain relief.

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Blueberry Seeds
Blueberry Strain

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Blueberry Strain Summary

Originally an American strain created during the 1970's, Blueberry Cannabis seeds hit legendary status when it won best Indica during the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2000. Created by DJ Short, using the genetics from Purple Thai, Thai and Afghan, this Indica dominant hybrid is a joy to grow, and even better to smoke.

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