Bubblegum Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds?

Originally created in the USA, Bubblegum seeds were taken to Holland where they were stabilised and feminised, producing one of the most complex, evenly-balanced Cannabis hybrids available. Comprising of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica genes, Bubblegum Cannabis has won several Cannabis Cups and many awards and expo’s.

Bubblegum Cannabis seeds are perfectly suited to indoor growing, whether soil, or hydroponics. Germination is guaranteed, under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination promise, producing female-only plants, no males to pollinate your buds.

The Sativa/Indica combination produces a strong plant with close branches and a compact height of between 50-80 cm tall, when fully mature. The close lateral branches and multiple budding sites make Bubblegum seeds an ideal choice for both Sea-of-Green (SOG) and Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing techniques, maximizing your growing area and increasing the overall yield.

Once flowering has been induced by setting the light and dark hours to an even 12/12, Bubblegum seeds require approximately eight full weeks to completely flower and mature. The buds are large and dense with a sweet floral aroma that’s not as strong and pungent as many indoor strains, and much easier to conceal and disperse.

Yields are good, producing an average of 450 grams of colourful, orange buds per square metre, and with a low leaf to bud ratio, harvesting and manicuring is quick and easy.

Bubblegum Flavour

Bubblegum Flavour

Bubblegum Cannabis is well-known for its unique, sweet-candy flavour, very reminiscent of Bazooka Joe bubblegum from years ago. The intense, berry and candy taste leaves you wanting more, while the thick, rich smoke fills the air with a candy aroma.

Bubblegum Effects

Bubblegum Effects

With equal amounts of both Sativa and Indica genetics, Bubblegum Cannabis produces a wonderfully balanced high that’s very relaxing and euphoric, leaving you feeling happy, energetic and creative. A sociable strain and a great day-time smoke, without the knock-out, ‘couch-locking’ effects that many Cannabis hybrids can produce.

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Bubblegum Seeds
Bubblegum Strain

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Bubblegum Strain Summary

THC levels of approximately 17%, together with medium CBD levels have made Bubblegum a firm favourite in many of the USA medical marijuana dispensaries, where it is often prescribed to help combat stress and depression, as well as being a very good natural pain relieving agent.

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