California Dream Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy California Dream Cannabis Seeds?

Created in California by crossing a high quality Mexican Sativa with a resinous Afghan, California Dream seeds are a 70% Indica Cannabis hybrid that offers a potent, long-lasting cerebral high and relaxing body-stone. Feminized in Holland during the 1980’s, California Dream is a stable, uniform strain with good, high quality yields and a powerful effect.

Suited to both indoor and outdoor growing, given enough sunlight, California Dream seeds are a highly versatile and adaptable strain, perfect for either soil, or hydroponic set-ups. Feminized, female-only plants, guaranteed to germinate under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee.

The Mexican Sativa influence produces a taller plant compared to many Afghan Cannabis hybrids, with mature heights between 80 – 240 cm tall. Grown indoors with a limited vegetative period, heights average about 100 – 120 cm.

The long lateral branches make this a perfect strain for Screen-of-Green growing, where the height can be easily managed and yields increased. California Dream seeds also respond well to super-cropping techniques such as topping, staking and bending.

Yields are good, with harvests of approximately 600 grams of dried, high quality buds per square metre, given good growing conditions and techniques.

California Dream Flavour

California Dream Flavour

Once flowering has commenced, California Dream seeds require 56 days, eight weeks, to fully develop and mature, producing large, cone-shaped buds coated in resin with an earthy-pine, slightly skunky aroma.

California Dream Effects

California Dream Effects

California dream is a very potent strain of Cannabis with high THC levels of 24% combined with high CBD levels. The result is a powerful, euphoric high that’s relaxing and creative leaving you feeling energetic and sociable. A great strain for both day and night-time use.

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California Dream Seeds
California Dream Strain

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California Dream Strain Summary

Stocked in many of the medical Cannabis dispensaries across the United States, California Dream is a powerful nature pain relieving agent, and is also used to fight stress, fatigue and depression.

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