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Why Should I Buy Cheese Cannabis Seeds?

Possibly the most well-known strain in the U.K. and loved as much for its flavour and aroma, as it is for it’s euphoric high and relaxing body-stone. Originally a Skunk #1 pheno, and available only in clone form, it was later crossed with an outstanding Afghan to enhance its Indica traits and produce the seeds for further generations.

Cheese Cannabis seeds are highly versatile, able to adapt and grow both indoors and outside, given the right conditions. From ‘full-on’ high-tec’ grow-rooms, to simple, adapted cupboards, Cheese can be grown under almost any conditions, whether soil or hydroponic based, with its 60/40 Indica dominant genetics forgiving many mistakes.

Only female Cannabis plants flower and produce the buds for smoking, and although the male plants do contain some THC, the levels are so low, the only reason to grow male Cannabis plants is to produce seeds. The majority of growers do not want the hassle or wasted time spent on male plants, and so all these Cheese Cannabis seeds are feminized, guaranteeing 100% female-only plants.

Delivery and germination are both guaranteed under the I Love Growing Marijuana promise, and once planted, these seeds are capable of producing tall plants, between 100 – 200 cm with good environmental controls. On average, indoor growers allowing 2 – 3 weeks of vegetative time will enjoy bushy plants with plenty of long, lateral branches and a mature height of approximately 1 metre.

With its dense, bushy shape and long branches, Cheese seeds are an ideal strain for Screen-of-Green (SROG) growing. A strong stem and branching structure supports multiple budding sites, and, as well as controlling any height issues, SCROG will make the most efficient use of the growing area.

Once a complete canopy has been formed, or the plants have reached your desired height, it’s time to set your lighting to 12/12 and begin flowering. Cheese seeds require an average of sixty days to completely mature, during which time the buds will become very large and swollen with a powerful, pungent aroma.

Although not the best strain for beginners to grow, with a small amount of knowledge, growing Cheese can be easy. It will forgive many small mistakes without sacrificing overall quality or yield, producing approximately 550 grams of the finest, dried, stinky Cheese Cannabis buds per square metre.

If, like me, you just can’t get enough of that Exodus Cheese, then this is the strain for you, with all the traits and characteristics you expect from the Cheese Cannabis seeds.

Cheese Flavour

Cheese Cannabis Flavour

Be aware, growing Cheese Cannabis seeds indoors will require good odour control. These plants really smell, and so strong it can travel through walls, under the floors, through the ceiling, pretty much stink your whole house, so carbon filters and fans are a ‘must-have’ item.

Cheese Effects

Cheese Cannabis Effects

Despite its mid-range THC levels of around 14%, Cheese Cannabis packs a hard punch. Elevated CBD levels enhance the effects, producing a strong body-stone and calming, euphoric effect that can induce ‘couch-lock’ in many light-smokers.

This is a very sociable strain, creating a warm, friendly feeling and relaxed, calming sensation. It’s light green, large buds have huge ‘bag-appeal’ and one sniff tells you ‘this is Cheese’

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Cheese Seeds
Cheese Strain

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Cheese Strain Summary

Through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana we can offer the very best, stinky Cheese seeds in packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminised seeds. Secure payment facilities, guaranteed delivery and germination, as well as a free grow guide and full customer support from purchase to harvest are all included in the price.

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