Crystal Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Crystal Cannabis Seeds?

The blend of Indica and Sativa genetics make Crystal Cannabis seeds a very potent, powerful hybrid, well suited to modern indoor growing methods and techniques. Perfect for Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growers, the tall plants can be easily trained to produce an even canopy of dense, light green buds.

Comprising of 60% dominant Indica and 40% Sativa genes, Crystal Cannabis seeds are great for indoor growers who want increased potency from their harvests. They perform well in both soil and hydroponic set-ups, producing strong, vibrant stems with a good branching structure capable of creating dense, swollen buds and multiple flowering sites.

All of the Crystal Cannabis seeds promoted by us are feminized, producing female plants, guaranteed. Feminized seeds contain no male genetics, so each plant will be a true 100 % female, heavily laden with resin coated buds, without the need or worry of sexing them.

The heavy Sativa influence can produce a tall plant, with heights ranging from 60 cm – 180 cm when fully mature, although the more extreme heights are only achieved when the plants are grown outdoors with a longer vegetative period.

Grown indoors using the Screen-of-Green (SCROG) method, the plants will create a strong, even canopy with large, dense buds from its strong lateral branching structure.

Yields are good, with an average of 450 grams of dried, potent buds per metre easily produced indoors, especially with the SCROG growing method and good environmental controls. The low leaf to bud ratio makes harvesting quick and easy, with the trimmings containing a good coating of resin, perfect for cooking and making edibles from.

Crystal Flavour

Crystal Flavour

Flowering times average approximately 65 days, during which time the swollen buds become covered in resin with a pungent but sweet, earthy aroma and fruity, citrus flavour.

Crystal Effects

Crystal Effects

Crystal Cannabis is extremely strong and not recommended for light, social smokers. The high THC content of 25% combined with high CBD levels produce a powerful, euphoric effect that’s fast and long-lasting, leaving the user happy, relaxed and talkative.

A popular choice in many of the California medical Marijuana dispensaries for it’s extreme potency, Crystal Cannabis seeds are now available for sale in feminised packs of 5, 10 and 20 seeds. Delivery is guaranteed and included in the price, and if, for whatever reason, your seeds fail to arrive, fresh replacements will be dispatched as soon as possible under the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery guarantee.

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Crystal Seeds
Crystal Strain

Product Name: Crystal

Product Description: Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

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Crystal Strain Summary

Crystal Cannabis seeds produce very strong, highly potent buds, get the very best yields and harvests from your plants by downloading the free Growing Marijuana guide, packed full of tips and techniques designed to help you achieve the very best from your feminised Crystal seeds.

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