Gold Leaf Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Gold Leaf Cannabis Seeds?

Robert Bergman’s very own Gold Leaf Cannabis seeds are a 60% Indica dominant strain that produces huge colas, hard swollen buds and some of the biggest yields obtainable. Together with a 40% Sativa influence, these tall, heavy yielding plants are quick and easy to grow, producing high quality Cannabis buds with a rich resin coating and high THC levels.

Fresh, vibrant and stable, these feminised Cannabis seeds contain no male genes, ensuring that the seeds you purchase are guaranteed to produce female-only plants, no need for sexing, no male plants invited.

Perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor growing methods, Golf Leaf Cannabis seeds can grow tall, between 100-225 cm when completely mature. Indoor growers should limit the vegetative period to a couple of weeks, or, for larger yields, the plants response well to both Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing techniques, as well as other super-cropping methods.

For the indoor grower, an average of 63 days is required for Gold Leaf to fully flower, bud and mature, with the plants displaying long, running colas, and large, dense buds. Grown outdoors the plants will grow much larger with an increased yield over a similar time period.

Yields are good, averaging between 450 – 650 grams of high quality, light green buds per square metre, depending on growing methods and conditions. The low leaf to bud ratio and large, dense buds make harvesting and manicuring easy, with the waste trim very good for making edibles from.

Gold Leaf Flavour

Gold Leaf Flavour

Dried and cured, Gold Leaf has yellow, orange, brown hairs  and light green leaves, creating a golden effect. A smooth smoke with a strong, earthy-pine aroma and flavour.

Gold Leaf Effects

Gold Leaf Effects

Gold Leaf has very high THC levels of approximately 21%, combine with elevated CBD to produce a strong, long-lasting high and powerful body-stone effect.

Easy and quick to grow, Gold Leaf seeds are a great choice for indoor growers looking for larger yields of dense, potent buds. Available in 5, 10 and 20 feminised packs, each seed is guaranteed to germinate, producing a top quality female Cannabis plant, guaranteed.

Super-stealth packaging and postage are included in the price, as well as the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery guarantee, assuring you that you will receive your purchase, no matter what.

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Gold Leaf Seeds
Gold Leaf Strain

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Gold Leaf Summary

Gold Leaf seeds are high yielding and highly potent with a subtle flavour and pungent aroma, great for all levels of experience and with full customer support and the free Growing Marijuana ebook included you are already on your way to growing a successful Gold Leaf harvest.

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