Green Crack Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Green Crack Cannabis Seeds?

Green Crack seeds produce a very potent form of Indica Cannabis with a fast-acting high and long-lasting, energising body-buzz. A favourite for both recreational and medical users, championed, and named by Snoop Dogg himself.

Green Crack, or Green Cush as some call it (to remove the association with ‘crack’ cocaine) is quickly becoming one of those ‘must-try’ strains. Popular from the medical Marijuana dispensaries found in many parts of the USA, to the Amsterdam Coffee-shops, this plant is gaining a reputation for producing highly potent weed with an energising kick.

A great choice for the indoor grower, these feminised Cannabis seeds produce pure female plants capable of creating some of the most potent bud available. Very forgiving of many of the mistakes inexperienced growers can sometimes make, Green Crack seeds are perfect for all producers, from beginner to commercial ‘cash-cropper’.

With good conditions and environmental controls, Green Crack Cannabis plants can grow quite tall, averaging between 120 cm – 170 cm when fully mature. Flowering heights can be kept more manageable through the use of super-cropping methods, or by growing using the Screen-of-Green (SCROG) technique, which often increases the overall yields as well.

Green Crack seeds are extremely versatile, perfect for indoor or outdoor growing, and suited by both soil and hydroponic growing methods. The plants produce an abundance of hard, dense buds with a light green colouring, few hairs, and a very generous coating of resin.

Despite it’s name, Green Crack is a popular choice for medical Marijuana users in the USA. It’s ability to relieve fatigue, stress, pain and depression are well known, as well as the positive body buzz, rather than the ‘couch-locking’ effect many Indica dominant Cannabis strains provide.

Green Crack Flavour

Green Crack Flavour

Full and complete maturity is achieved after approximately 9 weeks of flowering, creating buds with tight, swollen calyxes and an earthy, fruity aroma. Yields are very good, with an average of 500 grams of the hardest, stickiest buds easily obtainable per square metre, given good growing conditions.

Green Crack Effects

Green Crack Effects

The high THC content, approximately 22%, combined with low CBD levels produces an invigorating high that’s energising, yet relaxing, leaving you feeling focused, creative and happy, one of the very best day-time smokes with a long-lasting effect.

Now available in the UK, you can buy Green Crack Cannabis seeds in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminised seeds, each guaranteed to germinate and produce the highest quality female plants with the traits and characteristics you desire.

Postage and the very best stealth packaging are included in the price, and if, for whatever reason you fail to receive your seeds, replacements will be dispatched totally free of charge under the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery guarantee.

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Green Crack Seeds
Green Crack Strain

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Green Crack Strain Summary

From 'cash-cropper' to hobby gardener, these Green Crack seeds are perfect for both large and small growing set-up's, producing uniform plants, hard buds and a powerful high. An exception strain and one that needs to be grown and tried to be fully appreciated.

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