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Why Should I Buy Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds?

Jack Herer Cannabis seeds were named in honour of the American Cannabis activist who fought tirelessly for the legalisation of medical Marijuana. This highly potent, medical-grade Cannabis has a 80% Sativa dominant pedigree, combined with stable 20% Indica genes to produce a strong, long-lasting high that’s relaxing, creative and sociable.

These Jack Herer seeds are all completely feminised and devoid of male genes, guaranteeing female-only plants. The plant grows tall, between 150-180 cm when fully mature, although indoor growers can easily reduce the overall height, as well as increase the already generous yield, by utilising the Screen-of-Green technique, or other super-cropping methods.

Predominantly a Sativa, the complex blend of Haze, Northern Lights and Skunk combine to create a strong, vibrant plant with several, sought after pheno-types. Long branches, heavy, colourful buds with a thick coating of resin and super-sized swollen calyxes are typical characteristics.

An easy Cannabis strain to grow, very forgiving of many of the mistakes made by inexperienced growers, while still returning a good, high quality harvest. Perfect for indoor grow rooms and tents, and once mastered and perfected, a plant capable of creating very powerful, medical-grade Cannabis.

The slight Indica influence reduces the overall flowering period to an average of 60 days, creating large, dense buds with a light orange colouring, coated in glistening resin.

Overall yields are good, especially when super-cropping methods have been utilised, producing between 450-550 grams of the highest quality, dried buds per square metre, responding well to both soil and hydroponic growing methods.

Jack Herer Flavour

Jack Herer Flavour

Buds are dense and round producing a complex flavour and aroma with earthy-woody undertones and pine after-taste.

Jack Herer Effects

Jack Herer Effects

Medium CBD levels compliment the very high 20% THC levels creating a positively charged and energetic feeling, complimented by the invigorating, cerebral high. A firm favourite in many of the USA medical Marijuana dispensaries, used for day-time and social smoking, relieving stress and anxiety.

These feminised Jack Herer seeds are perfect for indoor growers and require the minimum amount of knowledge to successfully harvest a high quality crop of Cannabis buds. A great choice for beginners, as well as more experienced growers looking to perfect a medical Cannabis strain.

Available to buy online, these Cannabis seeds are sold in packs of 3, 5, 10 and 20 seeds, with guaranteed germination and delivery. Dispatched using the very best ‘super-stealth’ packaging, your seeds are guaranteed to arrive, and, if for whatever reason they do not, replacements will be sent out totally free of charge. Full support from purchase to harvest, including the free Growing Marijuana Guide delivered as an Ebook download.

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Jack Herer Strain
Jack Herer Strain

Product Name: Jack Herer

Product Description: Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Price: $35.00 to $155.00

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Jack Herer Strain Summary

Jack Herer seeds are hand-selected, guaranteeing you the finest, freshest seeds possible with all the traits and characteristics you expect from this award winning strain. An easy indoor plant to grow and potent smoke with long-lasting effects. Highly recommended.

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