Low CBD Seeds

Low CBD Seeds

A collection of Low CBD Seeds may seem strange, but for those people looking for a soaring THC high, these strains can often be the perfect choice. Cannabis resin contains over two hundred different known cannabinoids, with THC and CBD being the most dominant and well known. It is the THC that produces the ‘high’ associated with using Cannabis, while CBD actively works against the THC, suppressing and neutralising it’s effects.

Many smokers and growers alike ask the question ‘What is the strongest weed or Cannabis’ and then judge the answer purely on the THC levels. As CBD actively reduces the strength of the Cannabis, higher THC levels, without taking into account the effect CBD has, results in a false set of strains being promoted as the strongest weed. High CBD levels can severely reduce the effects of THC to the point where average levels of THC with almost no CBD will produce a far more intense high than a strain with a higher THC level, but amplified CBD levels as well.

This collection of feminised seeds are guaranteed to produce the very best quality female Cannabis plants. With a through selection procedure, these special seeds are all guaranteed to germinate and grow the highest quality plants with the lowest levels of CBD.

Postage is included in the price, so no added extra’s, and the stealth packaging methods used by I Love Growing Marijuana are so good, they guarantee delivery 100%. Total customer support from purchase to harvest, as well as all the hints, tips and advice on growing the best weed possible, courtesy of the free Ebook download, Guiide To Growing Marijuana.

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Product Name: Low CBD Seeds

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These seeds are not for the faint-hearted, The cannabis they produce can take you higher than a glass elevator in the Charlie and The Chocolate Factory movie. They induce a strong, powerful high without the CBD ceiling, so it just keeps on coming and lasting, taking you higher. Not for light-weight smokers!

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