Northern Lights Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds?

One of the first, original feminised Cannabis hybrids and still a popular favourite, Northern Lights seeds are a 90% Indica dominant hybrid, that has been the foundation of countless seeds and strains since it was created, stabilised, and feminised back in the mid-1980’s.

A strong, vibrant plant with deep green leaves, close branches and a resilience to many of the mistakes new and inexperienced growers can make, Northern Lights seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor grower, regardless of their level of experience or expertise.

Created from the Afghan and original Thai land-race strains, these seeds are uniform and stable, producing identical crops time after time. 100% feminised and without any male genes, Northern Lights produce female-only plants ensuring you get the maximum harvest possible from your seeds, without the risk of male or hermaphrodite plants.

The dominant Indica genetics make these plants a perfect choice for both Sea-of-Green (SOG) and Screen-of-Green (SCROG) indoor growing techniques, where their compact size, and close lateral branch structure can be utilized to generate large, ‘cash-crop’ harvests.

In an average flowering period of 60 days, the plants produce large, dense, colourful buds with a pungent sweet and spicy aroma. Generous levels of resin cover almost every part of the plant, and with a low leaf to bud ratio, harvesting and manicuring times are reduced to a minimum.

The plants achieve an average height of 100-130 cm when fully mature, producing yields between 350/450 grams of the highest quality buds per square metre, The heavy resin content found on the leaves is ideal for cooking and making edibles from, and with a high THC content of around 18% they will really pack a punch.

Northern Lights Flavour

Northern Lights Flavour

Northern Lights is well-known for its powerful Indica body-stone effect, often taking lighter smokers by surprise and inducing a ‘couch-locking’ stone. The hard, colourful buds are very dense and have great ‘bag-appeal’ with an earthy, sweet-pine flavour.

Northern Lights Effects

Northern Lights Effects

A perfect night-time smoke, inducing a relaxed, euphoric sensation and calming feeling, with the ability to relief the stress and anxiety sometimes caused by modern, fast living. Well known for its pain relieving properties and assistance with inducing sleep, especially helpful for insomniacs.

Available to buy online in packs of 3, 5 10 and 20, these feminised Northern Lights seeds are guaranteed to germinate, producing female-only plants, the perfect choice for all indoor Cannabis growers. Postage and the very best ‘super-stealth’ packaging methods are included in the price, and with guaranteed delivery, you never have to worry your purchase won’t arrive.

Enjoy the very best customer support from purchase to harvest, as well as all the helpful growing tips, feeding schedules and advice you need to successful grow your Cannabis crop.

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Northern Lights Strain
Northern Lights Strain

Product Name: Northern Lights

Product Description: Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Price: $35.00 to $155.00

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Northern Lights Strain Summary

Northern Lights seeds are an ideal plant for the indoor Cannabis grower, requiring only a few weeks of vegetative time and fast-flowering, these seeds thrive in soil or hydroponic based set-up's. Whatever level of experience, from hobby grower to commercial 'cash-cropper' Northern Lights Cannabis seeds are a perfect choice.

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