Pure Indica Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Pure Indica Cannabis Seeds?

While Sativa Cannabis plants are known for their stretch, height and cerebral effects, Indica’s remain more squat and compact, producing resinous, dense buds and a body-stone that can sometimes be described as ‘couch-locking’.

These Pure Indica seeds contain and display all the traits and attributes associated with Indica strains, without any Sativa genetics. Stable and completely uniform, creating the perfect canopy for the indoor grower looking for a quick harvest of very strong, potent buds.

High quality, feminised Cannabis seeds, guaranteed to germinate and produce female-only plants. Males are only required for pollinating the female, creating the next generation of seeds. These Pure Indica seeds contain no male genetics, eliminating the worry of sexing, or growing hermaphrodite plants.

Originally grown in harsh, mountainous regions, Pure Indica seeds produce strong, hardy plants, with large, dark green leaves and a close lateral branching structure. Its compact statue makes it ideal for Sea-of-Green growing, with the plants reaching a mature height of approximately 80 cm.

The fast flowering period of just 56 days produces dense, hard buds with a subtle, fruity aroma. Stretch is limited, due to the absence of any Sativa genetics, with the plants adopting a bush-like shape with multiple flowering sites, and strong branches capable of supporting the dense buds and large central cola.

Quick to mature under a 12/12 photo-period, the buds are hard and swollen with a very generous coating of resin which covers almost every leaf. Indica strains are well-known for their resin production, and this strain is no exception. Once mature, cut and dried, the excess trim contains high levels of THC great for making edibles and Cannabis butter from.

The quick flowering times do reduce the overall yield, with the plants producing an average of 160 grams per square metre. However, these harvests can be improved upon, with the use of super-cropping methods, Sea-of-Green technique and a higher level of experience and expertise.

Indica Cannabis is often used for its natural pain relief as well as reducing stress, anxiety and tension. A perfect strain for night-time smoking when it’s ‘couch-locking’ effects can be fully appreciated.

Pure Indica Flavour

Pure Indica Flavour

The dried buds have a light green, orange appearance, are hard, dense and very sticky, with an earthy-fruity aroma and flavour.

Pure Indica Effects

Pure Indica Effects

THC levels are approximately 14% with a medium CBD count, producing an intense body-stone and relaxed, happy feeling.

These Pure Indica seeds are available to buy in packs of 3, 5, 10 and 20 feminised seeds. Delivery is included in the price, and guaranteed, so if for any reason you do not receive your seeds, replacements will be dispatched totally free of charge under the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery promise.

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Pure Indica Strain
Pure Indica Strain

Product Name: Pure Indica

Product Description: Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

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Pure Indica Strain Summary

Pure Indica seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor Cannabis grower, producing compact, dense plants with a quick harvest. Easy to grow, and with a forgiving nature, they are suitable for both soil and hydroponic growing methods.

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