Regular Seeds

Regular Seeds

Although only small, this Regular seeds collection offers four perfectly stable Cannabis varieties with different attributes, traits and characteristics, perfect for producing a vibrant breeding male plant. On average, regular Cannabis seeds produce 50% male seeds and 50% female, so all packs should include at least one superior quality male seed.

As with all our feminised and autoflowering seeds, germination is guaranteed with these regular seeds, assuring you of only the highest quality genetics. Both male and female plants are strong, stable and vibrant, producing the finest examples of their strain.

All these Regular seeds are produced in Amsterdam, Holland under strict conditions. Postage and packaging are free and guaranteed, and should your purchase not arrive at it’s intended destination, for what-ever reason, a replacement with will sent out quickly and without fuss or any extra cost.

Regular seeds provide the perfect breeding males.


Jack Herer Regular Cannabis Seeds


Northern Lights Regular Cannabis Seeds


Super Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds


White Widow Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Regular Seeds Summary

All of these regular seeds produce strong, vibrant plants, with the characteristics associated with that particular strain, making the male plants highly prized and sought after for their pollen. While male plants are unwanted by the average UK Cannabis grower, anyone producing their own seeds should consider using one of these four stable breeding strains.

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