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Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing A Sea Of Green

Sea Of Green Growing Technique

Sea of Green is a term often used to describe a specific method of growing Cannabis seeds, often used indoors, and sometimes in conjunction with other ‘Super-Cropping’ methods. The aim is to maximise the harvest from a given area, in the shortest time possible.

Many growers become confused when they first try this method, as most have grown plants before, and the aim then, was to make the plant as big as possible, achieving the maximum yield per seed. Sea of Green does not produce the heaviest yields per plant, it does however, focus on producing as many large buds and colas as quickly as possible, returning more buds per square metre, per year than almost any other growing method. Screen of Green techniques may produce a slightly higher yield, but requires a longer vegetative cycle.

Setting Up A Sea Of Green (SOG)

The aim of this techniques is to grow just the top section of the plant, developing the heavy top buds and colas, and reducing the lower, undeveloped section. Growing taller plants usually yields a heavier harvest per plant, but, taller plants require larger pots to develop an adequate root system, and the large buds big plants grow, often have a lot of space between them. Harvesting larger plants often shows only the top third of the plant has any real buds or weight to it, the lower two thirds are just branch and stem, littered with a few ‘popcorn’ buds. Growing larger plants this way will never achieve the yields per area that you read about in any Cannabis seeds description.

Sea Of Green (SOG)

How Do I Get 500 Grams + Per Square Metre?

All of the Cannabis seeds on this site are given an average yield per square metre, This is neither the upper-most limit, nor the minimum you should expect. The average return is based upon achieved harvests performed by many different growers of varying experience and working out the average harvest achieved.

It’s fair to say, that those growers with a greater level of experience, better equipment and a more controlled environment, achieved far higher returns than those of lesser experience, who may have been less able to invest in equipment or lacked the knowledge and environmental controls needed to achieve extremely high yields.

However, from growing in a pot under a single growing lamp with an oscillating fan, to purpose built rooms with electronic environmental controls, CO2 injectors and digital thermostats to control the temperature, one point all growers agree on is that the fastest, most efficient method for achieving high yields per square metre in the fastest time possible is to employ the Sea of Green method.

Half A Kilo Of Cannabis In 12 Weeks?

As we explained above, growing the average yield stated is not about large plants, large pots, or even a huge initial investment, it’s about technique, and Sea of Green is the most simple and quickest of the two (Screen and Sea of Green). So, how do you set it up, what do you do and how soon will you be harvesting half a kilo of weed?

Buying The Seeds

Why get the seeds first and not the equipment? All the Cannabis seeds offered by I Love Growing Marijuana, who we recommend, are dispatched directly from Amsterdam within 3 working days. Add postal time…not the quickest in the UK and it may take up to a week before you receive your seeds from the time you ordering them online.

With super-stealth packaging, all inclusive costs, and most of all guaranteed delivery to the UK, USA, Canada and Europe, there is no doubt of you receiving your seeds. If, for any reason you do not receive your purchase, an immediate replacement will be dispatched to you, totally free of charge. That’s the I Love Growing Marijuana delivery guarantee!

Many growers in the UK use either 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 metre grow tents. In a standard one metre square tent, you will need twelve healthy plants to achieve the optimum Sea of Green canopy.

Germination and Planting

Sea Of Green TechniqueOnce your chosen Cannabis seeds have arrived it’s time to germinate them. For the first 24 – 36 hours leave them to soak in a cup of water. This allows the hard, outer husk to soften and activate the germination process. Once soaked, the shell will crack, exposing a white ‘tail’ or tap root. Place in a damp tissue pad, in a warm, dark area for a further 24/36 hours. The tap root should now be fully exposed and ready to plant.

Place the germinated seed into a small pot of good quality soil, and cover with clingfilm, or inside a propagater. Place them under a grow lamp or fluorescent tube, spray them twice a day to maintain a high humidity and water them. After about a week, the seedlings will be strong enough to re-pot into their correct pots and positions.

Pot size is vital in a Sea of Green indoor Cannabis garden. Too small and the roots become bound and reduce the growth potential of the plant and subsequent buds. Too large and not only do you increase the chances of over-watering, but the increased dimensions of the pot reduce the number of pots that can comfortably sit in a 1 metre square area.

A 10 litre pot is an ideal size, and twelve pots will fit comfortably into a one square metre tent. Fill the pots with good quality soil, and carefully plant the seedling. Once completed, your area should have twelve pots, with a small seedling in each, equally spaced into four rows of 3 pots.

Growing and Flowering

The vegetative period is very short in a Sea of Green garden, the aim is for the plants to cover the area in a canopy of green leaves. As the plants grow and develop, they will spread, filling the area and touching each other. At this stage, the area has a full canopy and is ready to commence flowering.

Allowing the plants to grow taller from this point will not produce any more bud. The growing area should have a dense canopy already and without more room for the plant to fill, further vegetative development would be a waste of time.

Many of the recommended Cannabis seeds for Sea of Green growing contain Indica dominant genes. Indica Cannabis plant do not stretch as much as Sativa’s during the first few weeks of flowering, preferring to focus on bud production and building the main cola, making them a perfect choice for this system. Indica plants usually mature quicker too, allowing for a much quicker ‘turn-around’ from your garden.

Over an average of eight weeks, the plants will grow, flower and mature. Approximate heights are between 50-80 cm tall for Cannabis plants grown in a Sea of Green, and the general look of the garden should be that of a solid canopy of healthy green leaves and large, swollen buds.

Very little of the plant is wasted with solid, dense buds almost from the base of the plant. The reduced height allows the light to penetrate through the canopy to the bottom, unlike taller plants, where the bottom section is often barren, lacking any real buds or weight.

Harvesting Your Sea Of Green

Sea Of Green Bigger Harvests

Harvesting is quicker and far easier too. Instead of lots of long, thin branches, yielding separated buds, Sea of Green grown plants are squat with short branches and easy to manicure buds. Simply cut the plant at the base, remove the larger fan leaves and hang to dry for 5-7 days.

Once dry, cut the buds from the stem, manicure and place in an air-tight container for a few days to cure, opening the lid and refreshing the air inside several times a day.

With a good, 600 watt light emitting the correct red spectrum, good nutrients and plenty of fresh air, your plants will produce a healthy harvest of approximately 500 grams of high quality, dense buds per square metre in as little as twelve weeks from now.

We offer a selection of high quality Cannabis seeds that are suitable for Sea of Green growing set-ups. All the seeds are feminized, guaranteeing you grow female-only plants, and with the delivery and germination promise, each seed you purchase is guaranteed to produce a healthy crop of Cannabis buds.


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