Short Flowering Seeds

Short Flowering Seeds

Short flowering seeds offer the fastest way to harvest your own Cannabis. A reduced flowering period speeds up the time needed from the onset to completion of the flowering process, although without a reasonable vegetative period, yields may be reduced.

Expect only the finest quality buds from healthy, vibrant plants, and with each and every seed guaranteed to germinate and produce a 100% female only plant, you will soon be harvesting your own crop of high quality Cannabis buds.

Super-stealth packaging methods and free postage are included in the price, and with guaranteed delivery, you are assured that your Cannabis seeds will arrive to you in the best possible condition as quickly as possible.

For those growers looking to maximise the yields from these short flowering seeds, download the free Ebook from Robert Bergman, Guide To Growing Marijuana. Packed full of information and tested methods to achieve the very best harvests from your seeds.

Short flowering seeds provide the quickest harvests.


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Product Name: Short Flowering Seeds

Product Description: Feminised, Autoflower, Regular Cannabis Seeds.

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Short Flowering Seeds Summary

The highest quality Cannabis buds are assured, courtesy of their Afghan Indica genetics, and both these strains are known all around the world for their unique smell, flavour and high.

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