Sour Diesel Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Sour Diesel Cannabis Seeds?

Sour Diesel is a unique tasting strain of Cannabis that has won countless Cups and awards for its aromatic, flavoursome buds and potent, cerebral effects. One of the most famous Cannabis strains in the USA and a firm favourite in their medical Marijuana dispensaries, as well as all the most popular Amsterdam Coffee-shops.

Sour Diesel is possibly one of the most famous USA Cannabis hybrids, highly sought after and prized for it’s unique taste and powerful, long-lasting high. Comprising of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica genetics, these feminised Cannabis seeds produce female-only plants with a uniform statue, perfect for the indoor soil, or hydroponics grower.

These hand-selected seeds are fresh and of the highest quality. Germination is assured under the I Love Growing Marijuana germination guarantee, producing strong, vibrant plants of the highest quality, displaying all the traits and attributes associated with this award winning strain.

Grown indoors, Sour Diesel seeds are perfect for Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing and super cropping techniques, stretching during the first few weeks of flowering, producing plants between 70 cm – 250 cm tall. Although these extreme heights are only achieved when the seeds are grown outdoors with a lengthy vegetative period.

The Chemdawg, Northern Lights and Skunk heritage produce heavy, dense buds, with a light green colour and unique, lemon-diesel fuel aroma. Flowering requires approximately 68 days for the plants to fully mature and reach their optimum, with harvests of 450-650 grams of dried, high quality buds easily achievable per square metre, with better conditions producing larger yields.

Sour Diesel Flavour

Sour Diesel Flavour

Similar to the UK Cheese, Sour Diesel has a unique, pungent flavour and aroma that easily distinguishes it from other Cannabis strains. The fuel, citrus flavour and aroma leaves a lingering after-taste that’s lip-smacking good, and while you’re enjoying the taste, the powerful high is coming on fast and strong.

Sour Diesel Effects

Sour Diesel Effects

Well known for its powerful, cerebral effects, Sour Diesel has a THC content of approximately 18%. Combined with medium CBD levels, users feel a happy, uplifting, euphoric effect that’s very relaxing, while also being creative and energising.

Buying Sour Diesel seeds online can be easy, safe and risk free. Using the very best ‘super-stealth packaging and postage methods, both included din the price, ensures a safe and speedy delivery. Should, for any reason your seeds fail to arrive, replacements will be dispatched immediately, that’s the assurance you get when buying Cannabis seeds through our links with I Love Growing Marijuana and their delivery guarantee.

Sour Diesel seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor Cannabis grower. Strong, vibrant plants with large, aromatic buds, heavy harvests and great ‘bag-appeal’. With limited experience and knowledge, even novice growers can produce heavy, high quality harvests, especially if they take advantage of the free Growing Marijuana Guide and follow the information and tips designed to help produce the finest crop of Cannabis possible.

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Sour Diesel Strain
Sour Diesel Strain

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Sour Diesel Strain Summary

Sour Diesel is a favourite day-time smoke of many medical Marijuana and Cannabis users in the USA, for producing a relaxing, stimulating high, without the 'couch-locking', sometimes lazy feeling that many Indica/Sativa hybrids can produce.

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