Super Skunk Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds?

A stable, uniform ‘old-school’ classic, Super Skunk seeds produce potent, pungent buds with a long-lasting, Indica body-buzz, and relaxing, cerebral high. A perfect choice for the indoor Cannabis grower, with heavy yields and an easy to grow nature.

These high quality feminised Cannabis seeds are guaranteed to germinate, creating female-only plants. No need for sexing, or wasting time and effort with male plants, you are assured each and every seed you purchase will produce the highest quality plants, with the traits and attributes that has made Super Skunk such a popular form of Cannabis.

With its strong, multiple branching structure, Super Skunk seeds are ideal for Screen-of-Green (SCROG) growing methods. Plant heights remain manageable, maturing between 100 cm- 150 cm tall, with large, dark green leaves, close lateral branches and plenty of budding sites.

Flowering times are greatly reduced, with the plants requiring just 52 days to fully develop, bud and mature. Grown in a SCROG set-up, the plants will produce multiple large colas that are very dense with a heavy coating of resin.

Well known for its intensely pungent skunk smell, odour control is vital if you are growing Super Skunk seeds indoors. As maturity approaches the strong, sweet skunk aroma can almost penetrate through walls.

Yields are very good, averaging between 500 – 700 grams of dried, stinky buds per square metre. Combined with the fast flowering times and its easy to grow, forgiving nature, Super Skunk seeds an absolute winner for the indoor grower.

Super Skunk Flavour

Super Skunk Flavour

Super Skunk has huge bag-appeal, dense, frosted buds with a pungent aroma and sweet ‘skunky’ flavour. Quick and simple to grow with ‘cash-crop’ harvests, perfect for indoor Cannabis growers from beginner to expert.

Super Skunk Effects

Super Skunk Effects

Harvesting is easy, with the plants having a low leaf to bud ratio, and the trim is ideal for cooking and making edibles from. Once dried and cured the buds turn a light green colour with a generous coating of resin. THC levels are approximately 16%, and combined with low CBD amounts produces a strong, intense body-buzz perfect for relaxing or relieving pain.

Sold in complete packs of 3, 5 and 10 feminised Cannabis seeds with guaranteed delivery and germination included in the price, these are finest Super Skunk seeds available online. Receive total customer support and all the help you require to grow a successful crop, including the free Growing Marijuana Guide packed full of tips and techniques to maximise your crop’s potential.

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Super Skunk Strain
Super Skunk Strain

Product Name: Super Skunk

Product Description: feminised Cannabis Seeds.

Price: $35.00 to $89.00

Availability: In Stock

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Super Skunk Strain Summary

Super Skunk seeds contain 90% Indica and 10% Sativa genes inherited from its Afghan and Skunk#1 parentage. The dominant Indica genetics produce a strong, easy to grow plant that thrives in both soil and hydroponic growing methods, producing some of the most aromatic buds available.

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