The Complete High Yield Seeds Grow Set


The Complete High Yield Cannabis Seeds Grow Set

High Yield Cannabis Seeds

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 Designed specially for ‘Cash-Crop’ growers looking for huge cola’s, swollen, dense buds and massive harvests, this high yield grow set includes everything you need to complete a successful indoor grow.

Twenty, hand-selected feminized Big Bud seeds, with guaranteed germination, produce outstanding female Cannabis plants with the heaviest yields. Four individual concentrates for each of the plants development stages provide all the necessary elements and nutrients the plants will require from seedling to harvest. With the addition of three plant protection formula’s, harvests are guaranteed by reducing and preventing future problems from bugs and pests, as well as mould and fungus attacks.

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About High Yield Seeds Grow Set

Smoking Effects:
The blend of Sativa/Indica produces a balance 'high-stoned' feeling with a feeling of well-being and contentment. A perfect strain for evening use, providing waves of relaxation and calmness from its sweet, skunk-like flavour. The heavy Indica genetics can induce the 'munchies' while the Sativa genes provide a happy, euphoric sensation that lingers.
Plant Features:
One of the original 'Cash-Crop' strains and loved by commercial growers for it's low leaf to bud ratio, making it very easy and quick to manicure, as well as it's large buds and dense yields. Perfect for Screen-of-Green (SCROG) techniques which can actively help to support the heavy budding lateral, or side, branches.
Medical Use:
The lower THC and CBD levels produce a happy, easy-going feeling that can help with depression and stress. A good source of natural pain relief for arthritis sufferers, as well as assisting with sleep and appetite stimulation.
Strain details:
  • Plant type Feminized
  • 40% Sativa 60% Indica
  • THC Level Medium at 16%
  • CBD Low
  • Height 120 - 150 cm
  • Yield High 450/550 grams - 16/19 oz per square metre
  • Flowering period Medium 63 days
  • Good for Indoor, Medical
The Complete High Yield Seeds Grow Set contents:
  • 20 feminised Big Bud seeds guaranteeing female-only plants with large cola's, dense buds and heavy yields. Easy to grow and perfect for larger indoor grows.
  • 3 plant protectors. Specially designed formulas to prevent your plants being attacked by bugs and pests, fungus and mould.
  • 4 individual packs containing all the necessary nutrients your plants will need during their life cycle, contains enough for all 20 seeds.
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Guaranteed germination conditions:
If you follow the germination instructions exactly and your cannabis seeds do not germinate, then they will be replaced for free. If less then 50% do not germinate, I love growing marijuana will replace double those seeds in your next order. If more then 50% do not germinate, free replacement seeds will be send right away.
NOTICE: You may be asked to send back the ungerminated marijuana seeds.
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High Yield Seeds Grow Set Review
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High Yield Seeds Grow Set Summary

Big Bud feminised Cannabis seeds are well-known for their superior yields and large, dense buds. Indica dominant genetics produce healthy, vibrant plants with a strong, close branching structure capable of supporting the large, dense buds. A favourite for commercial and 'cash-crop' growers everywhere and now available with all the nutrients and protection your seeds will need to guarantee a successful harvest.

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