Trainwreck Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds?

Described like a hit from a freight train, and extremely popular in the Amsterdam Coffee-shops for people looking for ‘the strongest weed’ Trainwreck seeds are perfect for indoor Cannabis growers looking for potent, high yielding strains.

Comprised of 65% Sativa and 35% Indica genetics, Trainwreck is a good, all-round Cannabis hybrid that grows well indoors, producing heavy harvests for both the soil and hydroponics gardener. The 100% feminised seeds guarantee that each plant is a true female, producing the highest quality buds and dense, swollen colas.

The dominant Sativa genetics induce fast vegetative growth, stretching during the first few weeks of flowering, making it an ideal strain for Screen-of-Green growing techniques where the heights of between 70 cm – 210 cm can be easily managed and maintained to maximise the overall yield. Although the more extreme heights recorded by these plants are by outdoor growers with a far longer vegetative period.

The slightly longer than average, 70 day flowering period can easily be negated by reducing the vegetative period to just two-three weeks to account for the plants initial stretch.

With good growing techniques and environmental controls Trainwreck seeds can produce enough buds to satisfy even commercial ‘cash-crop’ growers, with harvests of approximately 600 grams of the finest dried buds per square metre achievable, by all but the most inexperienced growers.

Trainwreck Flavour

Trainwreck Flavour

The blend of Mexican and Thai Sativa’s and Afghan Indica’s produces a plant with large swollen buds and a sweet lemon-pine, spicy aroma.

Trainwreck Effects

Trainwreck Effects

THC levels are incredibly high, averaging around 25% with a high CBD content. The resulting effect is an extremely fast, hard-hitting form of Cannabis, energising and creative with a very euphoric, happy sensation that lasts and lasts and lasts. An unbelievable daytime smoke that leaves you feeling ready to face anything the day throws at you.

Highly popular in the USA medical Marijuana dispensaries for its stress relieving properties, Trainwreck is now available to buy online in packs of 5, 10 and 20 feminised seeds. Delivery is included in the price and guaranteed to arrive, with fresh replacements dispatched if, for whatever reason, they fail to reach their destination.

Although not for complete beginners, Trainwreck seeds are a perfect choice for the indoor Cannabis grower of almost any level of experience. Together with the free Growing Marijuana Guide, and all the help you could need, you are assured of growing some of the very best Cannabis available.

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Trainwreck Strain
Trainwreck Strain

Product Name: Trainwreck

Product Description: Feminised Cannabis Seeds.

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Trainwreck Strain Summary

Large potent buds, heavy yields and a hit like a freight train, Trainwreck seeds are the complete Cannabis hybrid for the indoor grower.

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