Understanding Northern Lights Cannabis

What Is Northern Lights Cannabis?

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Cannabis is an Indica dominant Cannabis hybrid created by combining the genetics from an Indica with a Sativa Marijuana plant. There are two different ways to grow Northern Lights, the first is to buy the seeds, available for sale on many websites. The second is to obtain clones or cuttings from a reliable grower.

The Cannabis buds produced by Northern lights plants has a very distinct appearance, with it’s neon green leaf colours contrasting against the red and orange hairs with a very generous coating of THC laden trichomes.

Both the surface of the buds, and surrounding sweet leaves are completely covered in trichomes, producing a very glistening, colourful display. In general, mature buds appear to have a silver-blue hue, with the hairs or stigmas (white flowers) maturing and changing to a golden yellow through to an orangey-red.

Although a strong form of Cannabis, Northern Lights plants do not emit an over-powering odour during flowering. As maturity approaches expect a subtle fragrance of pine and skunk that can be easily managed using carbon filters and odour control methods.

When correctly dried and cured, Northern Lights Cannabis buds are dense, but fluffy, coated in resin with a slight, subtle aroma. When burnt, the weed produces a thick, aromatic smoke with smells reminiscent of a good old-school hash.

The taste has an almost hash-like flavour, with a fruity, blueberry after-taste. High THC levels make it one of the stronger forms of weed available, and since it’s introduction to the UK back in the late 1980’s, many indoor growers have planted Northern Lights Cannabis seeds.

The Effects Of Northern Lights Cannabis

With THC levels around 18%, Northern Lights is a strong Indica based Cannabis that provides an almost instant stoned feeling. Like most Indica based strains, Northern Lights provides a body-stone that can leave you feeling relaxed and happy, reducing stress, anxiety and worry.

Many users find it’s full on stoned feeling can induce hunger, and it’s a well-known strain for bringinging on the muchies. The euphoric, happy feeling is very sociable, with few negative paranioa moments, making it a great strain for enjoying with friends.

The effects are long-lasting, probably due to the increased THC levels, and increase steadily for the first hour or so, plateau and then slowly relax the body. Perfect for night-time smoking, although daytime smokers can often enjoy the relaxing properties a little too much.

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Northern Lights Seeds
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