White Widow Seeds Review

Why Should I Buy White Widow Cannabis Seeds?

One of the finest and most awarded Cannabis strains, White Widow can be found in almost every Amsterdam Coffee-shop and American Marijuana dispensary. World famous for its thick coating of resin, shimmering dried appearance and potent effects, White Widow seeds have been a popular favourite with indoor growers for many years.

White Widow seeds were one of the first feminised Cannabis hybrids available to commercial growers. Created by crossing a South Indian Indica with a Brazilian Sativa, the resulting plants displayed astonishing resin production, matured quickly and yielded heavy-weight harvests, quickly becoming popular with Cannabis gardeners and smokers all around the world.

An easy strain to grow, White Widow is forgiving of many errors and mistakes. Its robust, strong nature produces thick stems and supportive roots, capable of creating very large, dense, swollen buds and thick colas.

The dominant 60% Indica genetics control the plants characteristics, creating a close lateral branching structure and mature heights between 80 cm – 120 cm tall. Suited by both soil and hydroponic methods, White Widow seeds produce exceptional yields when grow in a Sea-of-Green (SOG) set-up, requiring just 60 days to fully flower, bud and mature.

Harvests of 400-500 grams of large, dense, high quality buds are easily achievable for almost any level of experience, with greater knowledge and skill, rewarded with the heaviest returns. The low leaf to bud ratio means manicuring is quick and easy, while the trim is great for cooking with and making Cannabis butter.

White Widow is a very strong, potent form of Cannabis, often used for pain relief due to its intense, powerful body-buzz. The ‘White’ name spawned a family of strains including White Rhino, Great White Shark, White Berry and many more, all created using the White Widow genes.

White Widow Flavour

White Widow Flavour

Designed for the indoor Cannabis grower, White Widow offers great bag-appeal with large light green buds, generously coated in a thick layer of resin with a complex flavour and aroma containing hints of sweet fruit and woody earth.

White Widow Effects

White Widow Effects

High THC levels of approximately 18%, considered outrageous during the 1990’s as the UK was awash with 4% ‘Soap-bar’! Together with medium CBD levels, produces a powerful stoned-high, relaxing the body while stimulating creativity, thought and conversation, a great strain for enjoying with friends, or for contemplating one’s own thoughts.

White Widow seeds have been available to buy for many years, and from a variety of different seed banks and producers, many of whom sell these seeds as souvenirs. Sold in packs of 3, 5 and 10, these feminised seeds come with guaranteed delivery, germination and the best help and support you could require.

We expect you to germinate your White Widow seeds and by supplying only the freshest, hand picked seeds, I Love Growing Marijuana can guarantee that each seed you buy will germinate and produce a female Cannabis plant with all the traits and characteristics this strain is so famous for.

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White Widow Strain
White Widow Strain

Product Name: White Widow

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White Widow Strain Summary

One of the first Cannabis families to be truly feminised, these White Widow seeds contain no male genetics, producing only female plants. Uniform and stable, they are a perfect strain for indoor grow's, from hobby gardener to full-on 'cash-cropper'.

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